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Managing Your Heel Pain

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Problems with your feet can be extremely disruptive and painful. Unfortunately, many individuals will find themselves suffering from this problem, and learning more about heel pain's causes and the treatment options that are available can help them deal with this condition.

There Can Be Many Potential Causes Of A Patient's Heel Pain Issues

There are many different potential causes of heel pain. While individuals assume that this pain is always the result of a small fracture in the heel bone, there are other causes of this pain as well. One example of this could be plantar fasciitis. This is a condition that causes excessive strain on the tendons and muscles in the foot. Due to the number of potential sources of heel pain, individuals will likely need to undergo a professional evaluation to learn the cause of their foot pain and the types of treatments that are the most likely to provide them with effective and lasting relief.

Effective Management Can Stop The Heel Pain From Growing Worse

When a person first starts to develop substantial foot pain, they may assume that this is only a passing problem that can be ignored. While this may be possible when the foot pain is still fairly minor, this is an issue that has the potential to rapidly grow in severity. Eventually, individuals may find that the foot pain that they are experiencing is having a major impact on their ability to stand or walk for long periods of time. In some cases, individuals may even cause structural damage to their feet, and this could be far more difficult to correct.

There Are Nonsurgical Solutions For Heel Pain

While there are some instances where surgery may simply be unavoidable to repair the heel damage, there are many individuals that will find substantial relief with nonsurgical options. An example of this could be the use of physical therapy to strengthen the ligaments and muscles in the foot while also improving flexibility. Individuals that are suffering from plantar fasciitis may benefit from this approach. The types of shoes that you are wearing may also have a large impact on the severity of your symptoms. Luckily, it is possible to protect your feet from shoes with poor support by opting for custom orthotics. These are inserts that are custom-made to the unique way that your body weight is distributed over the bottom of your feet, and this can allow you to supplement the support that the shoes provide.

If you have heel pain, talk to a doctor in your area.