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Tips For Fighting Back Pain

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Do you get back pain from time to time? Has this issue happened more often as you've gotten older or as a result of an injury? If your back pain is ongoing, you might be looking at options to try and get it under control. Here are some tips on how you can keep your back healthy, treat your current back pain and hopefully keep it away for good.

Light Exercise Can Strengthen Your Back 

If your back isn't currently killing you, you could try some light exercise in an effort to strengthen your back for the future. It's important though that you find an exercise that is low impact and will not cause rough vibrations to go through your body with every step. So, in other words, walking is fine but pounding the pavement at a full sprint is not. Swimming is another example of an exercise that can strengthen your body without putting pressure on your back.

Stretching Can Relax Your Back

Before and after you exercise and also once you start feeling pain, consider using stretching exercises to try and stay loose. Stretches that work your back will release some of the tension back there that might be contributing to the pain. The more flexible you become, the better off you will be going forward.

Try a Heating Pad or Ice Pack

If your back pain seems like it's settled in this time and it's not going away anytime soon, you can step up your back pain treatment. Reducing inflammation may help and that's where a heating pad, an ice pack, or any other source of hot or cold that you can place directly on your back may help.

Over-the-Counter Pain Meds

The Mayo Clinic states that certain over-the-counter pain relievers with anti-inflammatory properties may help ease your pain. There are also some creams that you could try rubbing directly into the spot where it hurts. Some of these creams may also have a heating or cooling sensation as previously described.

Get Physical Therapy or Professional Help

If regular exercising and stretching combined with steps to reduce inflammation are not keeping your back pain subdued, it might be time to seek a professional. A physical therapist or any type of doctor that specializes in this area may be able to assist you.

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